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A New Start…

It’s have been a while, since I updated my Blog.

What happened so far?
I moved my homepage from me.com to a alfahosting.com. So there are some more capabilities (e.g. MySQL – Access, PHP Skripting, Perl, etc. ). But the main reason for this move is the fact, that Apple annouched to abandon its webhosting service with the introduction of iCloud.
Bad Luck for all those iPages made with delightful iWeb software.

If You are an old fellower (one of the five I had with my old Blog), you may have noticed that I switched the blog’s language to English. My intention is to reach a larger group of people.

Though I am not a native English speeking person, I will try to write as accurately as possible.

I will keep a link to the old stuff, but I am not sure, if I will translate the old content.
So, if your are badly interested, You will have to bother Google translate. 🙂