Pimpin’ my ride

Wow, this will be awesome!

But first things first. Maybe You know this beautiful Y-frame cargo trailer.
Link to Y-Frame product page.


Here You can see my cargo trailer in action:


This thing is capable of carrying about 90kg of load. Its construction is sturdy but simple and it is easy to modify this thing.

But payload is not everything. How you can carry things is also important. That’s why I decided to mount a dense an stable box on it.

But more after the break.

First of all, I purchased some ingredients from my local hardware store.

A sturdy aluminium cargo box, a tray, brackets, screws and so on.
The aluminium box has a size of approx. 55 x 80 x 36 cm. Or in other words, this box embraces a volume of 133l.
I bought this box at “Bauhaus Baumarkt” which is a famous german hardware store group. You can find this box in their catalogue on page 145 (Link to catalogue).

The price of this box is around 100 EUR.

You could also use a ZARGES – Box (#40863). But those boxes could easily cost 300 – 500 EURs.

Now, lets get started.

1. turn the box upside-down and place the tray on it.


Be sure, that You have the right size of the tray. The gap between the box and the tray should  be equal.

2. I use a bunch of brackets (10 pieces total) to mount the box to the tray. When everything is done, the box supposed to sit on the brackets rather than on the tray.
Because of this, the brackets are able to absorb the worst shocks, when I ride with the cargo through potholes. 


After every bracket is placed and mounted, it should like this.



For the worst of the worst shocks and if the brackets do bend instead of spring, I also mounted some rubber buffer on the tray. Those I took are actually part of the Y-Frame shipment

3. Mount the tray on the box.

Turn the tray with the brackets and place it on the bottom of the box.



Drill holes in the seam of the box and use bolts and nuts to fix the bracket on the box.
I used M4 screws, but feel free to use other thread sizes (even imperial).

And even if the bracket are not perfectly placed (see picture below),

everything will come beautifully come together as soon as You tighten all screws:

4. Mount Y- Frame frame on the tray

In this step it is usefull to use the origin tray as a master plate. So you can easily find the right places to drill the holes for those screws which keep the box assembly on the trailer.



In my case I used M8 Screws and M8 drive-in nuts:



When it’s done, it should look like this:



5. Accessorize!

Now the Trailer is pretty much done. But to make it more convenient and saver, I mounted some smaller wheels on it.

Those mini-wheels allows me to shunt the empty box in my basement.
To get better seen in the dark, I mounted some cat’s eyes on the trailer (also part of the Y-Frame shipment).

6. Done!

Now almost everything is done, but some tweaks are always possible.
I will disassembly everything and paint the tray, so it cannot be harmed by weather. And I will place some hooks on the side of the box, so that I can secure things that I want to carry on top of the box.



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