Venus transit 2012

So, that’s it.

My second Venus transit I was able to see it by myself.

Here is a small preview.


Check out this footage of the (full) transit. At least that period of time, which was visible in Hamburg (Germany):

And here is how the video was created. Get up early, really early at 3 a.m. Pack your bag with all the equipment (approx. 25kg). And ride to the viewing location.

Unfortunately, there a many building in cities like Hamburg. So it is really difficult to get a view of the sun just after sunrise. At least, if You do not own a penthouse in a skyscraper. So I decided to build up my gadgets at the beautiful Alster.

Here is the exact location of this site:

Here is a picture of my “mobile” observatory:


And here is how all the stuff was transported.


Yeah, You see right. All was done by bike. Camera, Electronic and so were packed in my y-Frame trailer. The telescope was packed in a same sized box on top of it.

It was a fun to ride this thing.

The music witch was used for the video:

Turbulence (Psychadelik Pedestrian’s chillout remix) (Marc Burt) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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